Graduate Student - Master’s of Community Planning, Vancouver Island University


  • 20 years experience in Community Development and Community Art Development 

  • BHE in Family Social Sciences with minor in Community Studies, University of Manitoba.

  • Professional artist with a personal practice and a community art practice.

  • Successful grant writing, creating budgets, reporting and evaluation.

  • Experience supervising and leading teams of people, either as volunteers or employees.

  • Skilled large group facilitator.

  • Extensive work-related travel across Canada including NWT and Nunavut.

  • Certificates in Woodworking and Permaculture Design.


Community Work:

  • Worked 20 years in Community Development with non-profit organizations with a focus on women’s advocacy, arts education, food security, children, youth and family health, Indigenous and Newcomer families.

  • Chairperson for Art from the Heart Inc, a non-profit organization that supports low income artist.

  • Community volunteer with neighbourhood residence association (Point Douglas Residence Association) and neighbourhood women’s centre (Point Douglas Women’s Centre).

Planning Work:

  • Community consultation for Nanaimo Advantage

  • Facilitate “World Cafe” on VIU campus

  • Creating maps with themes of policy, circulation, character and density.

  • Urban Design workshop with Michael Von Hausen

  • SWOT analysis on Downtown Nanaimo

  • Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign and SketchUp as well as drawing skills.

Art Related Work:

  • Arts Educator with a lens of community development and anti-racism - Manitoba Arts Council with School Divisions across Manitoba, Winnipeg Art Gallery, Art City, Graffiti Arts Programming and Arts Junktion.

  • Integrating arts into elementary school curriculum with inner city teachers in Winnipeg School Division #1.

  • Artist in Residence - Knowles Centre, a rehabilitation centre for teenagers with partners Winnipeg Arts Council and The City of Winnipeg - created a permanent public art piece.


Arts Educator and Facilitator, Art City, Winnipeg, MB (December 2000-2018)
Artist, Artist in the Schools, Manitoba Arts Council, Manitoba (2014-2018)
Artist, Engaging Fusion, Winnipeg School Division #1, Winnipeg, MB (2015-2018)
Information Collector, Communities for Families, Winnipeg, MB (Jan-March 2017)
Consultant, Spence Neighbourhood Association, Winnipeg, MB (June-Aug 2017)
Crew Leader & Enumerator, Statistics Canada, Northwest Territories and Nunavut (2011 & 2016)
Community Support Worker, Champlain School, Winnipeg, MB (2012-2014)
Communications Coordinator, UN Platform for Action Committee, Winnipeg, MB (2005-2007)


  • 2017, Winnipeg Arts Council, WITHART

  • 2017, Winnipeg Art Gallery, Art Express’d/Art Exprimé (Canada 150)

  • 2015, Culture Days - Nuit Blanche

  • 2015, Manitoba Arts Council, Artist-in-the-School

  • 2014, Manitoba Arts Council, ArtsSmarts 11

  • 2010, Video Pool, New Artist in New Media Grant 

  • 2009, Manitoba Arts Council, Visual Arts C Grant 

  • 2008, MAWA, mentorship with KC ADAMS


  • Active Transportation

  • Food Security

  • Anti-Racism work

  • Woodworking

  • Hiking and camping