joys unknown

I number of years ago, I spent Christmas in Cuba. Whenever, I am travelling somewhere new or simply walking around the town I live in, I take note of the art. I especially am intrigued by the impromptu art; the art that isn’t commissioned or curated. I love when artists will turn an unpleasant site into something palatable or use an unassuming background and make something remarkable. The first image is a painting in Matanzas. I then went to Havana, and noted the following painting. Clearly something about both of them intrigued me. It wasn’t until I was back home in Canada, and going through my album, that I noted, both of these mural paintings were done by the same artist! This thrilled me to no end! I felt like I had solved a mystery. The artist will never know the gift they gave me, nor the pleasure I received from figuring this out. That’s one of things I love about public art, the joys unknown.